Arthur Tindsley
A multi award winning digital experiential specialist with over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry. 
Tech Talks
Passionate about technology and creativity and the impact the blend has on society. Below are two recent speaking engagements.
IAB Nonference
A fast paced talk to help people understand XR, the latest technical storytelling medium. This was done by breaking down XR tech into digestible chunks and providing easy to implement ideas for guests at the 2018 IAB UK’s Nonference.
XR technology – the umbrella term for technologies which manipulate reality, such as VR, AR and MR – can be confusing, admitted RYOT Studios at Nonference. But with global AR ad spend alone having almost doubled last year, and the fact that this technology has the power to completely immerse users thereby offering a ‘mainline’ into consumers’ consciousness, we are getting closer to the holy grail from a storytelling perspective. Delegates learnt how such tech can transport an audience to a different world and offer complete escapism and empathy and we learnt that seeing objects in our own environment can also make people more likely to buy.
Overall score: 8.07/10 - Top 10 session of the event
The IAB Podcast
In episode four, L.A. Ronayne from Stink Studios and Art Tindsley from RYOT join us to talk creativity and debate whether or not digital advertising has overdosed on the science and forgotten about the art.

The IAB Podcast - Episode 4 

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