The Problem
Grolsch was facing strong competition and needed to reassert itself in the market as a strong lager with a bold character. 
The Solution
The campaign centres around a fictional policeman, Journt. A short video shows the mysterious Journt sitting at a bar. He invited the users to text their name to the number shown on his business card. Users could then text their name to see if Journt felt they were bold enough for a free pack of Grolsch, within a matter of seconds, the website received their message and displayed it beautifully in the video window. The result is that the user can see Journt reading your message.
As a nice conclusion to the experience, Journt taps out a message on his phone, which arrives on your handset a few seconds later. If you’re lucky, he’ll tell you that you’ve won some free beer and a map to a local off-licence to pick it up. The whole experience was seamless and magical. 
My Role
I worked very closely with the creative team (Kate Baker & Joe Bruce) throughout the whole creative process. We worked on several completely different technical solutions for this campaign; however, this one kept coming back as the most exciting. This project pushed the technical team to the limit. The project was created before any SMS-based platforms, such as Twillio, had been released, and subsequently, it was hand-coded and integrated into POS systems manually across the country. Behind the scenes were multiple technical stakeholders using cutting-edge technology.
I was also responsible for the prototyping, UX, technical architecture and vendor liaison.
This project was completed while I was employed by BMB. 
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