The Problem
During the festive period, Lloyds wanted to help show customers how easy gifts could be purchased with their new Apple Pay integration. The idea "Love you to the stars" was born and manifested itself as a traditional Christmas TV commercial. We were tasked with extending that idea further.
The Solution
We created a fully responsive cross-screen website for mobile, tablet and desktop. This bespoke software allowed consumers to view entries and create their own personal messages and tell someone why they loved them to the stars and back. The messages of love were displayed as stars on an interactive 3D digital Christmas tree allowing them to be retrieved and viewed by the recipient and shared socially. These messages were also incorporated into a live experience staged at the Observation Point on the South Bank where they were displayed on a 12 metre high projection mapped Christmas tree.
My Role
I drove the early scoping, vendor on-boarding and sales support alongside the strategist. I was also responsible for the site UX, technical architecture and experiential content delivery implementation. Frazer Hurrell led the final delivery of this campaign. 
This project was completed while I was employeed by Microsoft.
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